Fundraising by data companies in 2021 – Q1 & Q2

There was a huge influx of capital into the data technology sector in the first half of 2021. Databases, platforms, query engines, data quality and governance tools were all popular.

The orange color denotes the top 5 raises (DatabricksNeo4jCockroach Labsdbt Labs (formerly Fishtown Analytics)Dremio) and the small markers show the (rudimentary) category for each company.

The chart now contains 29 fundraising events with $2.83 billion in total funding, not including the $828M Confluent IPO and the $5.3 billion Cloudera buyout.


Data Platforms and Query Engines:


Metadata and datacatalogs:

Data Quality and Observability:

ETL and workflow:


Fundraising by data companies in 2021 from July

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